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The girl wrote this on Facebook: ”I went to the beach the other day, for the first time since I was a child, I didn’t wear shorts or anything to cover up, this is a massive deal for me, I hate my body even without the scars, I believe I am fat and disgusting but, I pushed through the major anxiety, shaking and almost crying and made it to the water. Its a big deal, I did it.

This took a whole fucking lot of courage to post..”

And now this dickhead comments this. I can’t, i really can’t Facebook. 

See this is what is wrong with humanity. This girl is mentally injured, But she takes a step towards better times. She tries to get back. She even go to the beach, only wearing a minimalistic piece of clothe. She convinces her biggest fear, the fear of people laughing at her. And she’s even more brave. Afterwords she posts this remarkable photo on Facebook. It maybe took her minutes to post this. Sitting there by her computer, with her finger on the mouse. Should she press ”Upload” or not?” 

And she did it. She was brave enough to do it. 

And then this is what she gets. A hate comment. And there was of course more comments than that. And if that isn’t enough, that comment up there, got 5 likes. 5 LIKES. People agree with that terrible person?

My faith in humanity is almost gone now. I want to show this girl, that i’m with her. I’m a supporter. 


this made me more angry than ive been in a long time..

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